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Make Sure You Have Fun™ Presents: Fresh Fest 2019 Official After Party w/ DJ Kevin bontello (D.C.) + Special Guests DJ Nate Da Barber, DJ King Song & RB - Powered by Courvoisier Cognac

  • Spirit Lodge 242 51st Street Pittsburgh, PA, 15201 United States (map)

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Make Sure You Have Fun™ is one of the scenes longest running and most popular open format monthly events centering in Hip Hop, Future Beats, R&B, Trap, Dancehall and more on one dancefloor every month featuring local and national DJs.

Join us Saturday August 10th 2019 as Make Sure You Have Fun™ Presents the Official After Party for Fresh Fest 2019 with D.C.'s Kevin Bontello and special guests DJ Nate Da Barber, DJ King Song & RB. Be on of the first to try Make Sure You Have Fun™'s craft beer collaboration with Hop Farm Brewing Company!

Powered by Courvoisier Cognac


Spirit Lodge

242 51st Street


No Dress Code

Special Courvoisier Cognac Cocktail Menu

Make Sure You Have Fun™ x Courvoisier Cognac Photo Booth

$5 w/ RSVP & Before 11PM

$8 w/o RSVP


DJ Kevin Bontello

DJ Kevin Bontello, has always been passionate about mixing and creating music. Though well known in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, Bontello's signature style is recognized by a host of national and international venues.

Kevin Has opened and provided music for some of the hottest celebrities including: Pusha T Lambo Anlo, Beau YoungPrince, J Cole, to name a few, Bontello continues to captivate crowds with his creative mixing abilities and vibrant personality. His unique DJ Drop "BONTELLO GET EM" has dominated the club scene for most leading venues such as THE PARK (at 14th), Bliss, Big Chief ,Velvet Lounge Echostage, Rosebar, Abigail, Gryphon, Eden Lounge (Rooftop), and many other elite clubs throughout the metropolitan area.

DJ Kevin Bontello has been Booked by many satisfied clients, Bontello also specializes in weddings, corporate events, concerts, tours, birthday parties, school events and much more. All age groups enjoy him for his diversity and his talented ear of music, as he skillfully spins the hits of today and yesterday. Bontello has steadily dominated the club scene and continues to grow daily as a performer and producer and has kept the same goal in mind: keeping his crowd entertained while delivering an unforgettable presentation.

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DJ Nate Da Barber

DJ Nate Da Phat Barber is easily one of the most recognizable names in the Pittsburgh region. Over the last 20 years he has built a reputation as one of the premier DJ’s in the city. He has also produced and promoted some of best events Pittsburgh has ever witnessed. Not limiting himself to his hometown, Nate has rocked crowds in such markets as New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Richmond, DC and many more. DJ Nate Da Phat Barber is highly respected in music circles in the City of Pittsburgh and has deejay’d events at some of the city’s hottest nightspots and venues.

Although his resume is extensive, Nate shows no signs of slowing down. He has dubbed himself the ultimate hustler and can easily back those words. Nate is also a licensed professional barber, event promoter, and a graphic designer. His list of businesses include The Natural Choice Barber Shop & Salon, Charismatic Nightlife event & promotions company, a thriving DJ business with an ever growing clientele, and finally a soon to be opened record store, café & lounge called 720.

Nate’s true love has always been music and the classic art of deejaying. Nate was exposed to deejaying in 1990 by DJ Selecta another local DJ whom he considers a mentor. From that moment there was no turning back. What sets Nate apart from other DJs is his ability to tap into a crowd’s energy & emotion and give them back what he has taken through music. He tells a story through the music and takes you on a mental journey that last much longer than the party he’s deejaying. These reasons are why Nate has been able to stay relevant and develop such a loyal following.

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DJ King Song

With over 10 years of experience DJ KingSong has been the nexus of music, karaoke, private events, and nightlife in the Pittsburgh and Washington DC area. He is what most bars and clubs call the "go-to DJ" for their entertainment needs. When KingSong is playing the crowd and staff are happy and want him back every single week. KingSong also manages, trains, and hires new DJs for a DC based DJ collective and entertainment group called Capitol Music. Originally a promoter / DJ from Pittsburgh PA, he gained most of his early experience curating, promoting, and DJing college parties. He also learned to love and play a wide range of music through DJing private weddings. After college KingSong moved to the DC area in 2012 and worked his way up the DJ rankings and club scene to become one of DMV's most well rounded and sought after DJs.

He attributes most of his DJ skill and ability not so much to the technicalities of DJing but actually to his love of dancing and singing. His DJ ability and demeanor exudes that of royalty, greatness, mastery, and on top of all of that he loves to dance and sing while he is doing it. Hence the name KingSong.

He is best known for his blending, mixing, clever transitions, dancing in the booth and with the crowd, and singing on the microphone.

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Onewavybabe is a DJ from Ohio who recently relocated to Pittsburgh . She describes her DJing as eclectic because she blends alternative , hip hop, and punk all in one . She believes music is a gateway to bring all walks of life together and enjoys being able to make people connect during a set.

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Just a random dude from Pittsburgh PA.

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Seizures in photosensitive people may be triggered by exposure to some of lighting elements and/or visual effects inside of our event.

Patrons who are sensitive respiratorily may be triggered by our use of fog machines.

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